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    ABOUT: What is Capoeira?

    Many of you out there may be wondering exactly what Capoeira is. Fortunately (unfortunately maybe for you) Capoeira is so complex and excitingly different from anything else, that a simple and singular answer is impossible. Capoeira means alot of different things to everybody. For example: an observer watching a roda ("horda") or jogo for the first time may only see the fast and flying moves in a regional game (pronounced "heh-sho-narl"), or the slow and methodical tempo of an Angola game, but many are not aware of the complex history and rituals involved in what seems to be a very interesting and exciting demonstration.

    Capoeira blends an exciting mix of martial art, dance, acrobatics, music and a sense of community so tightly that it is impossible to segment each, or to explore one aspect without exploring all the others. This, of course, causes confusion for spectators who are trying to box Capoeira for their own peace of mind. Many believe that Capoeira has no application in a street fight situation, for all they see is the rythmn and flow of the movements, but to be honest, if you were to seriously annoy a Capoeira Mestre (Master), you wouldn't stand a chance. Capoeiristas get enough bruises from just practising and warming-up to know how effective Capoeira is.

    Capoeira is taken up for many different reasons. Some love the look of the high-flying, cool looking moves, while others prefer the fact that it is played to the rythmn of an "orchestra". The martial art aspect attracts many people, but so does the dance side. But one thing is sure; a true Capoeirista is one who embraces all aspects of Capoeira, and does not neglect one aspect in favour for another.