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I am looking for some images that I can use on this website.

If you have any images of anything Capoeira related that I can use for this website, and you own the copyright to them, then I would greatly appreciate some help.

I will give full credit to the owner.




    Welcome to the revamped Capoeira Cafe. I hope you enjoy it, and will let me know what you think of the new look.

    There are still the old favourites here:
    • Forum, which incidentally has been voted as one of the top 10, by visitors to the website! Excellent work. Lets keep it up!
    • The Pin-ups section, where you can send me in your images, and I will put them onto the page. Just fill in the form that is located in that section
    • The Guestbook
    • Links
    • and of course, the training section which i will probably never get done.... I am working on it though

    I want you all to contribute to this site, so i have included heaps of forms within the site, just to make it easier for you to send me stuff. Please make use of them, especially the capoeira group forms so I can get lots of useful information up here for everyone else.

    I hope you enjoy the website. Please let me know, because I appreciate your feedback.

    Have fun!